Thinking about Downsizing and Need Some Guidance?

After years of helping clients with the downsizing process, I have found that many have questions and concerns about how and where to start the process. The downsizing move can be a daunting task.

With this in mind, I have created "The 5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home" which is full of practical, real life advice to help you plan your downsizing move. Topics covered in this guide include:


1. Reasons for downsizing

2. Realizing what's ahead of you

3. How this move is different

5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home

Tip 1: Getting your current home ready for sale


Tip 2: Using the sale of your home to support your future living expenses


Tip 3: Finding a new home that's right for you


Tip 4: Thinning out your belongings


Tip 5: Planning everything that needs to happen before you can move

Downsizing - 5 pro tips booklet.

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I can't give Ana anything but most outstanding. She worked with us during a very difficult time, other than just selling our house. She was my rock, I don't think I could have done it without her hard work and encouragement. We've sold and bought a few houses but never have we had such personalized service. She covered all the bases to get an elderly couple moved from a large house to an apartment and found all the right services to downsize pack and move us. She arranged the whole move and made sure that all went well. Ana did not quit when the house sold she continued with us to make sure we were settling into our new residence. This was our best real estate experience at the worst time of our life. Thank you Ana for your energy and care, you made it all possible. — Georgina

Ana was easy to talk to and answered my questions. I had never sold a house before and it was close to 30 years since I had been involved in buying one. I knew very little about the process. Ana walked me through the process without pressuring me to do more than I was willing and able to do. Ana is conscientious, and willing to do more than the basics. She has the ability to help get results within the client’s timeframe. I first met Ana at a seminar on downsizing. I noticed her sincere interest in serving seniors and I imagined I could work with her. — Gillian W.