Helping Your Parents Move

You are concerned about your aging parents’ safety and have persuaded them to consider moving somewhere that’s more age-friendly and perhaps safer and better suited to their needs.  But they may be feeling anxious and that’s totally understandable. After all, moving can be stressful at any age.

You might be asking them to leave behind what’s comfortable and familiar and take a risk on someplace new. Not only that, but they have a home full of belongings that will have to be sorted through.

It’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed. Same goes for you.

"Helping my Parents Move" gives you a glimpse into the journey ahead.  It offers important insights into how to navigate what can be a very emotional process for both you and your parents. It also offers practical tips, including how to get their home ready for sale.

Helping my Parents Move booklet - Ana Ideias Realtor.

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A great person to work with. She prepared, marketed, and brokered a deal on my parent's home of 40+ years in Ottawa. We were particularly happy with the way she facilitated much of the work remotely (we all live hrs away). Her responsiveness, experience and communication made a big difference to the experience. Thank you, Ana! — James Tung

Ana helped my mom, a senior, sell her home quickly. She was attentive and patient with my mother’s wishes and went above and beyond with walking us through the process and personally helping us with getting the house ready for sale. Thanks Ana! — Nathalie Lummert